Monday, July 26, 2010


I had the baby. I'll post the story before long, promise. For now, we all need some rest.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tornado of Cleanliness and Organization

I'm still pregnant.  According to my midwife, today is my due date (my 40-week estimate is not until Tuesday).  It's also my last day at the office before my much-anticipated maternity leave.
My sister arrived yesterday afternoon to help 'prep' and to be here for the big day.  In one day, with me at work, she has accomplished more in the way of cleaning and organizing than I could have done in a week month.  She is one of the most amazing women I know and one more reason my blog is titled the way it is!

I love you, little sister!  And I promise I'll help as soon as I get home from work!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Tiniest of Dancers

Aine's very first Dance Concert was this weekend!  She did a great job, had a great time, and just might continue taking dance classes in the Fall.  I wasn't sure that was how it was going to go...
I had to wake her up from her nap Saturday evening to get her ready to leave the house.  Putting tights on a still-sleeping, combative three-year-old is not an easy task, especially for a tired momma who is 8.5 months pregnant!  But we managed.  She kept telling me to leave her alone.  I kept reminding her that she had her dance show that Tia, Uncle B, and Miss Kathleen were all coming to see.  I had to promise to let her bring a blanket in the car as incentive to get out the door.  I told her she didn't ever have to dance again, but she had to dance that night.
As we pulled in to the parking lot by the amphitheare where they performed, I pointed to the bandshell and showed her all of her class in their pink leotards on the stage (we were, of course, a few minutes late...and they must have started rehearsal a couple minutes early).  "Is that MY stage?!" she asked, ever so enthusiastically.  "Yep, that's your stage," I told her.

So here is her big debut.  She was quite the hit among the parents in the audience.  I feel a little bad that some families might not have been watching their own kids because they were too busy watching mine instead.  (She's the littlest one, first one in on the right)

Daddy had a bit of a difficult time keeping the camera steady for laughing.

After the concert, I asked her again if she wanted to take more dance classes again and she was a little more enthusiastic about it.  Fall session starts in August, so we'll see if she asks about it at all in the interim.  She was just so cute, I hate to see her quit!

Tick, Tick, Tick...

David and I have made every effort to not anticipate an early arrival of this baby.  You might say we went a little over-board in refusing to accept the idea that he might even be here the week of his 'due date' - something Daddy has been better at refusing than Mommy....

So, you can possibly imagine the wrench in things that resulted from the midwife's declaration, "1-2cm and about 60% effaced" at my "38" week check (remember, according to my estimate, I was only 37 weeks and 2 days.).  She then suggested that it just might be a good weekend to have a baby.  UGH.  People can stay minimally dilated and effaced for weeks, right?!  But it is also common for second and later pregnancies to not stay 'partial' for long and things progress a lot more quickly once they start, right?!  Anyone have any experience with this?!  If I thought I felt like a time bomb last time around...

I hope he hangs in there.

We made it through the weekend.  I am determined to hang in there for my '39 week' midwife visit on Wednesday, and even more so, I am hoping he'll hold out until my sister gets here!  I still have to pack my bag.  I am VERY uncomfortable today.  Did I relax too much over the weekend and the return to work is a bit much?  Are things continuing to progress toward the big day?  Is it just gas?  Perhaps a very unsupportive office chair?  The baby is wrigling more than I am used to.  No topsy-turvy acrobatics or anything, just a constant pushy-pushy stretching that results in pressure against nearly every corner of my innards simultaneously.  I bet he refuses to be swaddled like Aine did. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Radio Silence

When I'm in town, or not too far outside, I typically listen to the Christian station that broadcasts out of Nashville when I'm in my car.  I have noticed that, periodically, there will be a burst of radio silence between pieces.  At first, I thought, "man, these guys need to get their act together, everybody knows silence is the worst thing for a radio station."  But then I thought better of it.  I don't know if this is their intention, but I decided to use those 'moments of silence' for prayer and reflection.  I should send an inquiry...and note of thanks.

On another note, there's been a good bit of 'radio silence' on my end.  Not for any major reason other than, oh, the fact that I am within the month of the anticipated arrival of my second child and spending nearly every moment that I am not at my job working dilligently to prepare my nest, paying attention to the big sister, and trying to rest. 

This weekend I have a dear friend coming to town to provide me with a prenatal massage.  Aine's (outdoor!) dance recital is Saturday evening.  And I'm hoping to see my brother and his lady, since they're going to try to make it to the dance show.
Do you have summer weekend plans?