Monday, February 28, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

I posted the run-down of what all happened since George was born.  Now it's time to catch up from there...

I found a new job very quickly.  It involved relocating three states away though.  Fortunately, three states away was HOME.  So we're back in Florida and loving living mere moments (relatively speaking) from the grandparents rather than a two-day road trip away!
The new job is awesome.
The new church is awesome.
Spending 45 minutes in traffic on a Friday afternoon to get to the Target that is only 5 miles away is an entirely different kind of awesome.
Living less than 90 miles from the nearest Target is the former kind of awesome.

We've been here nearly a month and are not yet unpacked and moved in because we've been spending nearly every weekend with FAMILY.  Woot!
I'm hoping to get back in to some kind of routine around here.....

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