Monday, February 28, 2011

Concert Dresses

I have a huge garbage bag full of t-shirts I no longer wear but can't bear to part with.  Most of them are from concerts I attended in high school and college.  Some are from clubs or groups I belonged to.  Others are just 'old favorites.'  I thought about using them to make a quilt, but I'm not so quilty.  I'd been long considering making play dresses out of some of them for my little lass.  I am NOT an experienced seamstress, however, and while I am a decent puzzle solver and fairly adventurous, I didn't want to ruin them trying to figure out how to make them cute and failing.

This is where Made comes in.  I was poking around and found this.

In sticking with the musical references, I consider these 'variations on a theme,' as I made a few adjustments to the pattern be able to accommodate a narrower & shorter t-shirt, since these were mine and not men's XL.

They went together really easily.  We learned picked up some pointers along the way, like 'tie off the strings so the gathers don't come out while you're sewing the yoke' and 'don't use a really stretchy knit for the yoke.'  I'm a big fan of the instant gratification & can't wait to try out some of Dana's other patterns and tutorials!

Two Disclaimers:
1) My wonderful mother-in-law did the sewing on these.  I cut, ironed, and watched.  We were at her house, I didn't want to mess up her machine (or the garments!)
2) I am not a photographer.  I have neither a decent camera nor the  knowledge base to take a decent photograph.

While typing this, I realized my baby monitor was not on and ran upstairs to find my son screaming in his crib :o/

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