Monday, July 18, 2011

VBS & Kicking

Our church is hosting VBS this week - or as I have decided for my family: "Vacation (from Mom) Bible School."
Neither of my kids are in school, so there isn't anything 'vacation' about it other than a vacation from being home when mom comes home from lunch!!  I am excited to hear how their day was and hopeful this this 'up-and-at-em' routine this week might spurt some more activity amongst the family during the weeks to follow.

With a whole hour off for lunch and nobody at home, I was thinking about the snugness of my trousers and being pouty about how I am most definitely looking like a mommy in the middle now that my post-nursing body has returned to it's dormant puffiness with an added dose of sag, when I started thinking about how my mom and dad were active athletes at my age and, specifically, how my mom used to head to the municipal pool for a 30-minute work-out every day on her lunch hour. She kept a short wash-and-go hair style that would make it back to the office just fine if damp.  (This is where romantic thoughts of an Emma Watson style pixie cut started to creep back in.) She didn't even have to get her hair wet - she always had her kick board in-tow. 
"Ahhh, to work in such proximity to a public pool......if only..." I started to think, when all of a sudden, I realized:
I work about 2 minutes from my apartment.
My apartment complex has a pool.
I go home every day at lunch.

So that't it.  I am getting a kickboard.  And I am going to go to the pool every day this week (starting Tuesday, of course) that it isn't storming at lunch.  And hopefully it will carry over to next week.  And the week after that.  And it becomes routine.  And I might end up with a pixie cut.

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