Sunday, August 29, 2010


David and I finally had a minute...or a few hours, sit down together and hammer out George's birth announcement! 

The inspiration came from an actual circus ticket for the "Loomis Bros. Circus."  They performed in Okeechobee, FL a few years ago and my dad snagged an extra child's ticket to send me. I had this idea to mat and frame it for 'the kids' room' some day.   When George arrived, I realized it could easily be translated into a birth announcement.
I had this image in my head and no way to get it on 'paper.' And David, well, he's a photoshop genius. The way the ticket was laid out made it perfect to swap out the show info for birth stats.  I wanted to avoid the over-used 'welcome' or 'announcing' headline.  I figured the announcement would speak for itself in that respect.  So we came up with 'Admit One Child,' since that's, in effect, what we were doing! The original ticket actually said 'great family fun' at the bottom so we left that part alone.  When all was seemingly said and done, David pointed out that the year was nowhere on the ticket and he worked it in.
Now to have them printed & send them out...


  1. What an awesome idea. I really like this. a bunch. Me like. bunch.

  2. I want to have another baby just top copy this idea! (I won't)

    ADMIT ONE CHILD is a perfect introduction.

  3. Bri, just saw this amazing announcement via design mom and am expecting our little girlie towards the end of October. Is there any way you might be interested in completing one similar to this for our family?

  4. Taunya (and anyone else interested) - Thanks so much for the comment AND for the inquiry! Email my husband: and he'll work with you to figure out exactly what you want.
    I have far too many ideas to use them all for my own babies, so we're happy to share!

    giselavoss - won't copy or won't have another baby?! ;o)