Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Finished Project

I am pretty certain I have ADD.  I start a project and rarely ever finish it.  I make plans to do great things and never even get started.  This is one of the places the 'sucky' stems from.  One time (almost exactly a year ago), I actually finished something I started and here's how it went (this post was mostly pulled from a facebook 'note' I posted about the garment at the time):

I completed my first garment EVER! I hope it looks as good on Aine as it does on the hanger.

I made this dress out of an old button-down shirt that Dave hasn't worn in years. The trim is simply store-bought yellow ruffle trim. As I have *just* started sewing, I will take all the help I can get. And I think I have ADD, so the faster from start to finish, the better. I plan to get a longer piece of trim for the hem eventually, but I wanted a finished dress, so I went ahead and just hemmed the bottom without trim for now.

The instructions for the dress were really easy to follow.

I have three other shirts I'm already planning to try this with. I am also thinking of how I can adapt it for tee-shirts to make more of a play-dress.
I think this one will make a sweet outfit for church on Fathers' Day.

Update: I added the yellow ruffle trim in time for Fathers' Day last summer.  And she got to wear it again THIS Fathers' Day, as it still fit!  We took pictures with her IN the dress, I'll post one soon.  

On another note, I started a Hawaiian print shirt-to-halter dress based off of this same concept that I intended for her to wear at her second birthday party.  As you may have noticed, we just celebrated her third.  I have the front and back panels of the dress completed, but they're not attached and the halter strap is holding me back, as I am NOT a seamstress.  I'm sure my work will never come close to that of this re-purposer of clothing I came across via design mom.

One of these days I'll post about all of my unfinished endeavors!

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